in the infallible words of paper fury… I am a grape

guuyyyyss, what is wrong with me that I can’t keep my blog going for one. freaking. MOOOONNNTH. 

I need help

with my blog. and with school. and writing. and babysitting is literally sucking my life away.

but all this is okay, because summer is coming soon and the only thing taking my life away will be be volleyball (still… always…) and (hopefully) writing. I say hopefully because I haven’t touched my novel since March 10. #loseraward

and I’m trying to tell myself that it’s okay, because I don’t want to writing to be my main profession anyways? but that doesn’t make it okay? why does this not make it okay?

I will try not to spontaneously combust on y’all. that would not be good.

I just felt that y’all needed an explanation for being gone for so long and breaking my non-existent promise to post more. so here it is:

I have no explanation. no reason. except for maybe laziness. yeah, that sounds about right.

yes, I am busy, but not busy enough to not be able to sit down at the computer for five or ten minutes longer than I already do and pump out a few words for y’all. I DON’T HAVE TO BE PAPER FURY, WRITING ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING, AND I DON’T HAVE TO BE MY OLDER BROTHER, WRITING NOTHING AT ALL.

now I feel really guilty. comment and make me feel better about myself. jk, please don’t pump up my ego or else I’ll fly away like Carl’s house in ‘Up’.

anyways, there is my excuse

I do have finals coming up, so, haha, don’t expect me to be on a whole lot. BUT I will endeavor to do my best in the next few weeks to write here more often.

and I did get a camera for my birthday! lots of fun things are happening during the summer, so many picture posts will be on the way. hopefully.

other plans for the summer:

  1. write. a lot more. maybe even finish my book?
  2. learn something new that will look good on a resumé and/or college application
  3. practice my french. a lot.
  4. play volleyball and get stronger physically and mentally
  5. take lots of pictures and go on lots of adventures with friends
  6. make more music. play more piano, try my hand at song-writing, and maybe try playing guitar again
  7. enjoy vacations

yeah! those are good plans!

thanks for reading my rants and I’ll see you around!

that's all folks



sick, but not dead

I think I’ve finally got this thing figured out

I had some trouble when I first started my blog last June. still not exactly sure what happened, but I basically had two different blog accounts and I was not getting any traffic for the main one that I was using.

so I’m trying again

hopefully this works

so yeah. #notdead



this is my favorite sherlock gif

it’s so cute





anyways, so this is my blog

another attempt at my blog, I should say

this blog will be very much unstructured. being the pantster that I am while writing, why not do the same with my blog, right?

the general plan for right now is to just share things with y’all as they come up: new characters, any new developments in my story or stories, maybe some book/movie/music reviews here and there

but I would also like to share pictures and adventures with you guys, so…

a lifestyle blog, I guess

I’m going to tell you some of my favorite things to get started, so you can add to all the stalker things you’re writing down about me

  • raindrops on roses
  • whiskers on kittens

just kidding. not that kind of favorite things.

  • favorite food: pizza. cheeseburgers, too, but mostly pizza.
  • favorite color: blue. I also love green, red, and purple, but blue is my favorite-favorite.
  • favorite movie: Lord of the Rings trilogy (ssh, it counts), with Captain America: the Winter Soldier coming in for a close second. that movie was a blessing to the MCU.
  • favorite genre of music: I legit listen to a little bit of everything. I’m listening to some Christian dance music right now, before I was listening to One Direction, before that I was listening to the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack, and I’ll probably be listening to Twenty-One Pilots or Sam Hunt soon. my favorite BAND is Anthem Lights, but my favorite GENRE, the one that I can listen to most songs and not get tired of it or excessively annoyed… country. YEEHAW, YEAH. COUNTRY. COWBOY CASANOVA, like Carrie Underwood says. although I wouldn’t exactly recommend that song for a first-time country experience. try Humble and Kind by Tim McGraw.
  • favorite season: probably fall, but I really like spring too
  • favorite birthday present ever: my cousin got me Anthem Lights cd’s two years in a row, so that was awesome. I’ve gotten sunglasses, a haircut, a mani/pedi… and my birthday is coming up very soon – in a few days *cough cough* – so I’m hoping for some cool stuff this year – camera *cough* typewriter *cough cough*.

some of my favorite things! if you want to know about any other favorite things of mine, let me know in the comments!

I’m really excited to be starting this up again, and I hope everything works this time!

have a great day, everyone, and if you’re on spring break, have a great break!

Go and do great things!